Precise bar inventory in less time

To help during this time we've made this app FREE for 6 months. 

Available to anyone who downloads it by May 1, 2020

Available for iOS and Android

The most precise way to do bar inventory, ever.

Our patented software uses laser mapped bottles to look up the exact remaining volume with an extremely high degree of accuracy.  All you have to do is tap and swipe.

Organize your inventory your way

Speed up your inventory process by organizing your inventory the same way your bar is set up.  Easily, assign bottles to a shelf in any order you like.   When it's time to do inventory quickly tap and swipe down each shelf. 

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Free For 6 Months

Our goal is to provide easy access to products that help boost revenue and profit. That's why we're making our bar inventory app free for everyone. 

Available to download for free to May 1, 2020.

No cost for 6 months. Cancel anytime.

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